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Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Pediatric Advanced Life Support Provider Course (Original)

This is an advanced life support course designed to instruct healthcare providers on how to recognize and intervene in pediatric emergencies. The course is scheduled for approximately 16 hours. Students receive instruction in respiratory, shock, and cardiac emergencies, including airway management, pharmacology, IV and IO, cardiac dysrhythmias, spinal immobilization, and special needs children. All students receive the current PALS textbook, and a pre-test is provided to assist the student in preparing for the course.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support Provider Course (Refresher)

This refresher component covers all of the new changes in the PALS course as well as a review of pediatric skills in respiratory & shock management, IO's and cardiac rhythm disturbances. Students are encouraged to attend a full PALS original course but can refresh in a shorter time. The textbook is required.

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